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These sheets are the ultimate in SAFETY, CONVENIENCE, STYLE & COMFORT! The softest fit while still protecting your mattress with high tech waterproof lining.

A first choice for any practical, modern, stylish, practical parent. Premium sheets at an affordable price for your crib, bassinet, changing pad or play yard.

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These sheets are MAGIC because they are...

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Made with a waterproof lining to protect your mattress while accounting for baby's over-night accidents. Save time during nighttime change overs from accidents using these sheets!

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Soft Jersey Cotton

100% High Quality Combed Jersey Knit Cotton fibers creates a snug, super-soft and cozy crib for every night's sleep. Unlike cotton, the knit fabric is naturally wrinkle free which makes laundry a breeze!

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Flexible 360 Snug Fit

With baby coming right around the corner it's nice to know you have thought of all the great things to have that will make your adjustment to parenthood easy!

Reviews from Real Parents

Hear from parents who have used these sheets and rated them the "Best Sheets Ever!" or "One of the Best Baby Products I've Bought!"

  • "I've used these now in bassinet, pack n play and crib sizes. Even used the pack n play size on an oversized changing table for extra protection. These have held up for 2 years in weekly washes, have withstood diaper leaks and all other liquids from little ones, and are still in great shape."
  • ​"I bought one pack of these before my baby was born and they have lasted for over a year. When my baby pee's the bed, i just take the sheet off and put the extra one on. No further clean up necessary and no need to have a crib protector. I love these and would recommend them to anyone."
  • ​"These sheets are wonderful! They have the waterproof lining in the underside to protect the mattress, which works amazing and doesn’t wear with constant washing. They are soft and don’t get cool with the air conditioning like many crib sheets, so baby stays fast asleep when laid down on them. They are perfect size for standard crib mattresses, fitting snug with just enough stretch to be put on easily. (Rather than traditional stitching in the corners only, these sheets lay flat on the mattress and have stitching/seams all the way around the top edge of the mattress, creating a better fit."
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